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Just a great big hug and thanks for lending your presence, your time and your monetary contributions to the Yoga Australia RAP Launch event . We couldn't have pulled it together without all the work and love that went into the day. It is clear that together we have managed to make a splash and the ripples have been felt throughout the yoga community across the country. We hope that the focus in the Australian yoga community will remain now, firmly on establishing a culture of respect and listening up to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Please take the time to watch the beautiful video produced by Campbell Wilson of Present Media and his team on the day. The video appears both on Facebook and on our Instagram. We'd love you to share this out to your communities and will be producing a shortened highlight video in the next few weeks which we will send on to you. We received over $5,000 in donations which allowed the Yaan Circle to attend this event. Ticket sales for the launch in addition to the commission on Eve and Jem's Cultural Awareness Training allowed us to make payments towards the video production, upcoming podcast and website as we build this story. Talking of which, if you are wondering how next to engage then : 1. JOIN US ONLINE on July 3rd for NAIDOC week at the CULTURAL AWARENESS TRAINING FOR YOGA COMMUNITIES : 2. Have a read of the Reconciliation Action Plan so you can find other ways to interact and enjoy the next steps : 3. If you haven't already then sign up for our newsletter that will keep you in the loop monthly as of September : 4. If you are a Yoga Teacher or Yoga Teacher Trainer , consider offering a scholarship position to an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student or trainee : Our door is always open and we look forward to working alongside you to really explore what it is to be a yogi in Australia. much love and thanks, The Ngungwulah Team


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